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At Dr Hayfa Paediatric Dentist, we believe that a family trip to the dentist need not be a stressful experience. Our clinic has been uniquely designed to provide a comfortable, welcoming and friendly environment for our young patients and their parents. Offering paediatric dental services for infants, children and adolescents, we welcome families from The Sutherland Shire, all over Sydney and NSW. You'll be greeted by our specially trained staff and all patients can enjoy watching DVDs whilst getting treated in the dental chair. To make a booking at our dental clinic, simply call our friendly team.

Paediatric Dental Services

Emergency Cases Seen Promptly

Children in pain are always seen as soon as possible at our clinic. Sedation is available to make the child more comfortable if needed. In cases of nerve involvement of the baby tooth, these teeth could still be saved, particularly if followed by stainless steel crowns or white crowns (caps). General anaesthesia can also be provided to make your child more comfortable.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to children's dental treatments including growth assessment and development of the dentition. Dr Hadi may recommend orthopaedic appliances to treat and prevent complicated orthodontics and pain in the future, for example, expanders, space regainers and extra oral devices. The use of these orthodontic appliances could start in some cases as early as seven years old.

Fixed Orthodontics

Self-ligating is the latest technology in fixed orthodontics. This system provides faster, cleaner and more comfortable braces. Dr Hadi has been using these braces for a few years with great success, as well as offering traditional braces, both at very competitive prices.

General Anaesthesia

General anaesthesia can be administered by a specialist anaesthetist in a nearby private hospital for the management of longer or more complicated cases.

White Crowns

White crowns are now available for the restoration of the decayed primary molar tooth, as well as the traditional stainless steel crown (caps). This enables the baby tooth to be kept, maintaining the space for the eruption of the secondary tooth later on. Extracting baby teeth before their normal shedding time creates difficulties in the future, as the space will close preventing the normal eruption of the secondary teeth. Dr Hadi believes that preventing pain and cost in the future is paramount to the successful treatment of the child. 

Optional Sedation

Sedation is available for the treatment of children including oral, nasal, and inhalation sedation. This may be appropriate in dental emergencies and short cases, particularly if your child is in pain.

Laser Technology

Laser is now available in the rooms to detect decay, minimising the patient's need for x-ray and exposure to radiation. Laser technology allows a wide variety of minimally invasive procedures to be performed with less pain and faster healing time. It also enables effective bleaching with a therapeutic program to prevent sensitivity. Dr Hadi believes that applying the latest technologies in her day to day practice gives her patients the best possible treatment and results.

Dental Care for Children with Special Needs

Dr Hadi has been trained to treat children with special needs using all modern techniques. This ensures a smooth and comfortable visit for the child and parent.

Accidents and Trauma Management

Dr Hafya Paediatric Dentist is equipped to deal with short and long term management of dental accidents and trauma. Please call us for a prompt appointment – Dr Hadi believes that early treatment of trauma is crucial to the minimisation of any adverse effects in the future.

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